DF140BG/115BG to provide powerful and comfortable boating to the users

Suzuki unveiled DF140BG/115BG in 2020 and received lots of positive reactions from the market! Please never miss out this chance to check the real review from the users.

One of the users in New Zealand installed the DF140BG by replacing his mechanical outboard this time. He commented as it has “been absolutely blown away with the performance and torque of the new outboard, it really punches out of the hole well with plenty of torque. The drive by wire is also absolutely amazing, this is the first boat I have owned with it and would not go back to cables, even my teenage son can now helm the boat well with the silky-smooth transition”.

Another user in New Zealand chose dual DF140BG as his partners with the houseboat and reacted positively on his outboards.

DF140BG/115BG have a lot of benefits especially for large and heavy boat users. Notably high
performance and ease of maintenance can be the reasons you choose these models.
For performance, higher torque is achieved by the combination of Suzuki’s 2-Stage Gear Reduction system and 10.6 high compression ratio. This higher torque will go so well with heavy boat.
For maintenance, the oil filter is designed for you to access and replace it easily just by removing the top cover. Adding to the benefits above, DF140BG/115BG also achieve higher fuel efficiency by Drive by Wire system.
From small parts to the whole system, DF140BG/115BG are filled with craftsmanship of Suzuki. Why don’t you have a refreshing and great boating experience with them?

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