The Elegant Performer

Experience a level of luxury and sophistication unique in the compact scooter class. Enjoy a superior combination of exhilarating performance, maneuverability, comfort, practicality, optimum fuel economy, and low CO2 emissions that distinguishes you from the rest of the pack. From its elegant styling to its rich set of utility features, the new BURGMAN STREET 125EX is tailored to be a fine fit. Get ready to turn heads wherever you choose to make the scene.

Key Features

- The BURGMAN STREET 125EX introduces Suzuki Eco Performance Alpha (SEP-α) engine technology for the first time on a Suzuki scooter or motorcycle. With the addition of new Engine Auto Stop-Start (EASS), an idling stop system, and Suzuki's new Silent Start System, SEP-α distinguishes itself by enhancing the user experience while at the same time achieving a new level of fuel economy and quiet operation.

- The 21.5L underseat utility compartment provides convenient space for storing shopping bags, rain gear, or other items.

- The left-side front compartment and quick-access inner pocket on the right side offer convenient storage for small items you may want to keep close at hand. A handy 2A USB outlet located inside the left compartment also lets you recharge your smartphone while out riding.

- The generously proportioned floorboard offers flexibility in foot positioning that helps you maintain a comfortable riding position. Dedicated right and left footboards up front provide extra space for extending your legs and cruising in greater comfort.

- Elegant urban styling with luxurious yet dynamic body lines, including its futuristic front cowling with body-mounted windscreen that conveys its proud lineage as a new member of Suzuki's famed BURGMAN series.

Engine Features

- SEP is the development concept behind a new generation of Suzuki engines that combine a high level of fuel efficiency with excellent acceleration performance. The BURGMAN STREET 125EX further advances this concept by introducing Suzuki Eco Performance Alpha (SEP-α) engine technology with Engine Auto Stop-Start (EASS) and Suzuki's new Silent Start System for the first time on a Suzuki scooter or motorcycle.

- Engine Auto Stop-Start (EASS) idling stop system* automatically shuts down and restarts the engine when stopping to reduce the amount of time it idles. This reduces fuel consumption and emissions, so proves highly beneficial when stopping for traffic lights or riding in stop-and-go traffic.

- The Silent Starter System quietly starts the engine and works in conjunction with the idling stop function of EASS to restart it when you turn the throttle to resume riding. The engine comes to life smoothly, as if it had been running the entire time, providing a more refined riding experience than on any previous Suzuki scooter.

- Fuel consumption is a low 1.9L/100km (52.6km/L)** and CO2 emissions measure a mere 44g/km* in WMTC mode testing with EASS.

- The SEP-α engine performs brilliantly, delivering impressive acceleration and instant response to a subtle twist of the throttle. Its powerful torque output excels in stop-and-go traffic, even when carrying a passenger.

- You experience instant acceleration with a subtle twist of the throttle because the engine delivers peak horsepower of 6.3 kW at 6,500 rpm and maximum torque of 10.0 N•m at 5,500 rpm.

- The engine's SOHC air-cooled design makes it a reliable powerplant that is easy to maintain and economical to run. Moreover, it is compact and lightweight, a feature that contributes to realizing more nimble handling, and to maximizing rider comfort and utility.

* EASS only functions when the following conditions are met: the engine is sufficiently warm, the battery is in good condition, the side stand is stowed, and the scooter has reached a speed of at least 10 km/h while running.

* Starting the engine requires the ignition to be turned on and the starter button pressed while squeezing the brake lever and with the side stand stowed.

** Actual fuel consumption and CO2 emissions may differ owing to conditions such as the weather, road, rider behavior and maintenance.

Chassis Features

- The BURGMAN STREET 125EX chassis is engineered to provide luxurious comfort, solid performance and handling ease in most any urban riding situation.

- The moderately firm setting for the front suspension helps realize a smooth ride. The front and rear suspension are both finely tuned and carefully matched to the tires and wheels to achieve a fine balance of stability, solid road-holding performance, nimble handling, and comfort.

- The BURGMAN STREET 125EX rides on DUNLOP D307 N tubeless tires mounted on cast aluminum wheels that are designed to perform as well as they look. Well suited to European road conditions, these tires help deliver superior running performance and a smoother ride, particularly on cobblestones and other rough road surfaces.

- Suzuki's Combined Brake System* supports well-balanced braking by distributing braking force to both the front and rear wheels when you operate the left-hand brake lever.

- A 190mm diameter disc brake in the front and 130mm drum brake in the rear contribute to providing stable stopping power.

- Its long 1,290mm wheelbase helps the BURGMAN STREET 125EX provide great straight-line stability, whether riding solo, carrying a passenger, or loaded down with gear.

- The BURGMAN STREET 125EX handles speed bumps, uneven surfaces, and other bumps in the road with ease thanks to its ample ground clearance of 160mm** and rear tire size.

- The 5.5-liter fuel tank works in conjunction with the fuel-efficient engine to achieve a liberating riding range of approximately 289 kilometers*** that goes easier on your wallet and helps reduce the frequency and associated hassle of refueling stops.

- The BURGMAN STREET 125EX's long seat is well-padded, designed to maximize comfort, and affords both you and your passenger plenty of room. Red stitching adds an elegant highlight.

- Aluminum pillion footpegs fold out to offer your passenger greater comfort, and they tuck away neatly when not in use.

- The generously proportioned floorboard allows flexibility in foot positioning that helps you maintain a comfortable riding position, and the cut-away design at its rear also makes it easier to get on and off the scooter.

- Dedicated footboards up front provide extra space you can use to extend your legs for greater comfort when cruising.

- A rear carrier with an integrated grab bar is fitted as standard equipment. The carrier can be used to mount the optional genuine-accessory top case.

- The body-mounted windscreen helps enhance comfort while also adding an extra touch of elegant styling.

* The Combined Brake System is intended only to assist braking operation. We strongly recommend that riders normally use both brake levers to control the front and rear brakes when braking.

** Measured without a rider.

*** Figures may differ owing to conditions such as the weather, road, rider behavior and maintenance.

Utility Features

- Handy front compartments* are designed to maximize convenience and utility. The left-side compartment is large enough to accommodate a large-screen smartphone and includes a lid that closes to offer extra protection against the elements. On the right is a quick-access inner pocket that offers enough storage capacity to hold a 500ml beverage or other small items you may want to keep close at hand.

- Charge your smartphone on the go with the 2A USB outlet** conveniently located inside the left-side front compartment, above the tray on which you can rest your phone. An attractive blue LED surrounding the outlet remains lit as long as the ignition is turned on, making the outlet easy to locate at night or in other dark conditions.

- With a practical design and capacity of 21.5L, the underseat utility compartment*** provides convenient space to store shopping bags, rain gear, or other items and protect them from the elements.

- A pair of sturdy utility hooks**** let you hang various items, including shopping bags, up front with you. The back hook can be locked to better secure items, and can be folded out of the way when not in use.

- Suzuki's side stand interlock system prevents engine ignition while the stand is down to protect you against carelessly starting off with it extended.

- Both a center stand and side stand are included as standard equipment.

- The theft deterrent key system lets you quickly access the ignition key hole using a magnetic mechanism coded to your key, even when wearing gloves. And the shutter closes again with a simple push of a button. There is also a handy function that opens the seat with the key still in the ignition.

* Stowed items are shown for illustrative purposes only.

* The weight limit for each compartment is 0.5kg.

* Do not use the front compartments to store items that are fragile, valuable, dangerous, or susceptible to heat.

* Do not keep electronic equipment in the front compartments while riding as the vibration may cause damage.

* Items may be displaced depending on their shape and riding conditions.

* Be sure to keep the front left compartment lid closed while riding.

** Using the USB outlet while the engine is idling or stopped may drain the battery. Be aware of battery drain when using the USB outlet.

** Failure to observe the following instructions may result in damage to the scooter or connected device.

** Do not connect any electronic device other than a smartphone.

** Do not use when washing the scooter or when it is raining.

** Reattach the cap when the outlet is not in use.

*** The weight limit for items in the underseat compartment is 3kg.

*** Do not use the compartment to store items that are fragile, valuable, dangerous, or susceptible to heat.

**** The weight limit for each hook is 1.5kg.

Electrical Features

- The LED headlight assembly mounted low on the front cowl features a distinctive split lens design and integrated LED position lights that lend the face a luxurious touch. The LEDs are bright, power efficient, and durable.

- Wide LED rear combination light with integrated turn signals adds to an overall taste of elegance by highlighting the attractive styling of the tail section.

- The full digital multifunction instrument panel for the BURGMAN STREET 125EX features a clean and intuitive layout that displays all the information you require in real time, and its compact LCD screen is illuminated to maximize visibility both day and night.

- The Suzuki Eco Drive Indicator* on the instrument cluster lights up when the scooter is being ridden in a fuel-efficient manner, offering instant feedback that can help you learn techniques for maximizing fuel economy.

* The Eco Drive Indicator does not automatically improve fuel economy but may help riders refine their riding efficiency and improve fuel consumption.

Suzuki Genuine Accessories

Genuine Accessories available for the BURGMAN STREET 125EX include a large-capacity top case, a cushion for the top case that provides ample padding for the passenger's back, a grip heater set, and an accessory mount bar.

Plastic Top Case (27L)

A large-capacity top case adorned with the SUZUKI logo is available for the BURGMAN STREET 125EX.
Maximum load: 3kg / Capacity: 27L
Note: The separately sold top case adapter plate is required to install this accessory.

Cushion for Top Case

This accessory provides well-cushioned padding where the passenger's back meets the top case. Improves the riding comfort of the passenger.

Top Case Adapter Plate

Attach this item to the originally equipped rear carrier in order to install the Plastic top case (27L).

Pillion Rider Handle

Provides the passenger a handle to grab onto. Also gives the vehicle a stylish look. It replaces the originally equipped rear carrier.

Grip Heater Set

Gives another option for those who wish to ride in chilly conditions. This half-round type grip heater will keep your hands warm with 5 levels of heat settings.

Accessory Mount Bar

This accessory enhances convenience by enabling you to attach devices or items to your BURGMAN STREET 125EX.

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Overall length 1,905 mm (75.0 in.)
Overall width 700 mm (27.6 in.)
Overall height 1,140 mm (44.9 in.)
Wheelbase 1,290 mm (50.8 in.)
Ground clearance 160 mm (6.3 in.)
Seat height 780 mm (30.7 in.)
Curb mass 112 kg (246.9 lbs.)
Engine type 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, air-cooled, SOHC
Bore × Stroke 52.5 mm x 57.4 mm (2.1 in. x 2.3 in.)
Engine displacement 124 cm3 (7.6 cu. in.)
Compression ratio 10.3 : 1
Fuel system Fuel injection
Starter system Electric + Kick
Lubrication system Wet sump
Transmission CVT
Front suspension Telescopic, coil spring, oil damped
Rear suspension Swingarm type, coil spring, oil damped
Rake / Trail 26°40' / 90 mm (3.5 in.)
Front brake Disc
Rear brake Drum
Front tire size 90/90-12 44J, tubeless
Rear tire size 100/80-12 56J, tubeless
Ignition system Electronic ignition (transistorized)
Fuel tank capacity 5.5 L (1.5 / 0.2 US / lmp gal)
Oil capacity (Overhaul) 0.8 L (0.2 / 0.2 US / lmp qt)

*European Spec. shown