Ocean to Ocean RIB Adventure 2022

Record of the adventure of outstanding skipper

Tough Journey, Best Adventure

Sergio Davì, professional skipper and adventurer, got on a new adventure again in 2021. His 3rd mission with SUZUKI outboard motor, “OCEAN TO OCEAN RIB ADVENTURE” started out from Palermo, Italy on December 15th ,2021 and it was successfully accomplished in Los Angeles, the United States on May 23rd, 2022 after more than 5 months of sailing. It was a 9,201.80-nautical-mile journey over three continents (Europe, Africa, Americas) aboard his trusty vessel, the Aretusa Explorer (a Nuova Jolly Prince 38 cc inflatable RIB boat) with the power of two Suzuki DF300B outboard motors. Touching at Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Gibraltar, Cabo Verde, French Guiana, Trinidad and Tobago, Curaço, Colombia, Panama, Guatemala and Mexico before his final destination, Captain Davì faced unexpected difficulties. At the same time, he positively worked to communicate about marine environmental conservation with people around the world, receiving the kindness of those who have the similar passion for the oceans.

Diagram of The Best Adventure Diagram of The Best Adventure

Bonds with Ocean Loving People

Refill the energy and share the passion

Picture of Refill the energy and share the passion_1
Picture of Refill the energy and share the passion
Picture of Refill the energy and share the passion
Picture of Refill the energy and share the passion

When he left the Palermo, the President of Suzuki Italy, Massimo Nalli, who is a great lover of the sea accompanied part of this challenge to Gibraltar personally and experienced the performance, durability and fuel economy of Suzuki engines in the extreme conditions. Mr. Nalli gave a comment, “Through this sail with the Captain Davì, I saw his professional work with my own eyes on his RIB and with his Suzuki engines. He always kept a lookout for all the signs on the engines and the boat, and to every little thing that happened, not only responding, but also anticipating the possible problems ahead and taking the correct action, as a highly trained commander!”
Mr. Davì also welcomed Carlos Santaella Martinez from Spain and Ruben Rabadan Gallardo from Suzuki Motor de Mexico as a guest to part of his journey.

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When he stopped at French Guiana, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico before arriving at LA, he got maintenance of his boat and engines, and took a break to recharge for himself. At each port, he actively communicated about his passion for the oceans and the teaming up with Suzuki.At the stop in Colombia, Suzuki Marine de Colombia supported to refill the fuel and engine maintenance. And meanwhile, Mr.Davì provided an opinion regarding SUZUKI CLEAN OCEAN PROJECT and said that he recognizes the project as a very important initiative to try to keep the oceans clean. He added that it is completely essential to keep the attention and interest in such topic at the boat show and other opportunities to meet with customers or neighbors as well. “Suzuki is like a family”, he answered for the interview in Guatemala, looking back his first challenge with Suzuki’s engine in 2012. The journey was from Palermo, Italy to the Northern Cape. According to Mr.Davì, although Suzuki’s engine is now much better than that time, there were something extra attraction linked to the relationship with people.

Back and forth suffering from unexpected events

Through the whole journey, there were full of unexpected difficulties. At the stop in Canary Islands, he was forced to postpone his schedule because of the Covid infection. After around 10 days’ rest, he restarted sailing and headed on to the next destination.Just after one misfortune, another one hit his gentle journey. Sergio Davì got an attack of pirates one night and escaped from them in the Caribbean Sea. The power and throttle of Suzuki’s DF300B saved his life from danger.

Picture of Back and forth suffering from unexpected events

Arrival with warm welcome in LA

Over the various difficulties, Captain Davì finally arrived the final destination, Los Angeles, United States without serious engine trouble through the whole journey. The staff of Suzuki Marine USA and supporters welcomed and praised with the awesome achievement.After the arrival, he looked back on his adventure with DF300B, “The engines have always been running; I never turned them off during navigation and especially during the 6-day Atlantic crossing from Cabo Verde to French Guiana”. The DF300B is equipped with the Suzuki Lean Burn system that guarantees fuel savings especially at a constant speed while cruising, also decreasing the amount of CO2 produced, with the benefit of the environment. The average consumption recorded was surprisingly good even under the condition of full load of the RIB during the various stages and the unideal weather conditions.

Picture of Arrival with warm welcome in LA_1
Picture of Arrival with warm welcome in LA_2

Contribution for Future Generations

Work to reveal “now” of the ocean environment

Captain Davì is not just an adventurer. He says now the activity for environment is also his profession and he is definitely the adventurer who cares about the environmental issues especially about the marine ecosystem. At the long stop in Gran Canaria, he met a professor of the Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and visited the aquarium and the research institute dealing with the study on the well-being of marine fauna together. They shared their experiences and had discussion regarding the marine environment and wellness of marine creatures. Another mission in his challenge at this time was to take actions for environment and support the research made by the ATeN Center of the University of Palermo. He took the sea waters during the ocean to ocean journey. The sample of water was taken in I-Tronik bottle which is made by special material to keep the quality of the liquid inside and the samples will be sent to the research center to analyze the included materials such as microplastics and metals. It is expected to be effective for revealing the overall situation of marine pollution.

Picture of Work to reveal “now” of the ocean environment

After two years of hard work, under the unfavorable global situations, carried out in synergy with winning collaborations, the brave captain can finally put his name on another significant page of world boating.

Official website of Sergio Davì: https://www.ciuriciurimare.com/

Interview video in Guatemala: https://www.buenavistasportfishing.com/post/3-oceans-2-continents-by-sergio-davi

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