Research & Development

Creating a new value to the next generation challenge for the evolution of product and lifestyles.

SUZUKI develops "value-packed products" for the new generation and changeable lifestyles, constantly creating new technologies and applying them to the products with affluent imagination. Applying this philosophy and approach to our R&D, the SUZUKI teams cover a wide range of the latest advances in such fields as energy, environmental, electronics, communication, information and control applications. All this R&D energy is devoted to the output of products that meet the challenge of the next generation.

  • Ryuyo Proving Ground & Subsidiary Companies

  • Shimokawa Proving Ground in Hokkaido

  • Yokohama R&D Center

  • Marine Technical Center

  • Styling Design Development

  • Wind tunnel test

  • GSX-R1000R

  • Snow driving test of ATV

  • Motorcycle engine experiment

  • Motorcycle driving test

  • Snow driving test of automobile

  • Jimny sketch

  • Outboard motor experiment