Overview of the company

Q. When was the foundation of the company?

A. In October 1909, the company was founded as Suzuki Looms Works in Hamamatsu by the founder Michio Suzuki.
The company was incorporated as Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Co. in March 1920.
In June 1954, the company changed its name to Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd.
In October 1990, the company changed its name to Suzuki Motor Corporation.

Q. Tell us about the overview of the company.

A. Please see the Corporate page.

About the stock

Q. What is the stock code?

A. The stock code for the Tokyo Stock Exchange is 7269.

Q. Which stock exchange is Suzuki listed in?

A. The Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Q. When was Suzuki listed to the Tokyo Stock Exchange?

A. In May 1949.

Q. What is the number of share unit?

A. 100 stocks.

Q. What is the total number of issued shares?

About the financial summary

Q. When is the end of the financial year?

A. March 31st of every year.

Q. Where can I see the financial summary?

Q. What is number of share unit?

A. Please see the Annual Report page.


Q. Where can I see the product information and product lineup?

A. Please see each product page.

Q. What is Suzuki’s work on the environment?