All that you desire

The Dzire is everything you want in a sedan.
The car gets you all the attention you deserve with its elegant styling.
Its perfect size makes it excellent to manoeuvre, enhancing your driving experience wherever you go.
As you get inside, you will be surrounded by a refined and relaxing atmosphere.
With so much to offer, it's a car that truly fulfills all your desires.

Vehicles shown and contents in this site are of Latin American specification.
The appearance, colours, and equipment of vehicles may differ according to market and grade.


Designed to unleash desire

No one can contain the desire to own it.
The authentic sedan styling, accentuated by its elegant lines and finely crafted chrome accents along its body, sets it a class apart.
Its prominent front grille and bumpers, along with distinct LED headlamps make it the centre of attraction.

Aggressive front design and chrome accents

The front incorporates a wide open grille with an aggressive bumper that truly fits in with the authentic sedan styling. The wide lower body and narrow upper body in comparison emphasise its boldness while the chrome accents add an elegant look to the design.





Space that indulges your desire

The moment you sit inside the Dzire is when an exceptional experience begins. The spacious interior in the front and rear ensures a relaxing drive for everyone as the car drives through the city. Also, amenities for the rear seats make the drive pleasant. The Dzire is the answer, for all your wants.


Smartphone Linkage Display Audio

For your entertainment, the Dzire comes with a highly advanced Smartphone Linkage Display Audio, which lets you stay connected to excitement at every moment. It works with Apple CarPlay for your iPhone, or Android Auto™ or MirrorLink™ for your compatible smartphone.




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*MirrorLinkTM is compatible with the smartphones listed at the following link:
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Boot space

Convenient 378 litres* of boot space and multiple storages are a part of your everyday life.
*Measured using the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) method.


Comfort amenities


Front console box and cup holders


Front door pocket


Glove box


Rear door pocket


Rear armrest with cup holders


Rear console tray and 12V accessory socket


Everything you desire in a performance

The exceptional performance of the Dzire comes from the combination of its 1.2L engine and HEARTECT platform. Experience a drive that you can't get enough of.

1.2L engine


A compact 1.2L VVT engine enables strong driving performance. The engine's high combustion efficiency and compression ratio, low friction and light weight, all add up to delight you with a fuel-efficient performance.

5-speed manual transmission


The 5-speed manual transmission offers an optimal gear ratio for the engine and drivetrain for the best balance of fuel efficiency and power performance.

Auto Gear Shift


The Auto Gear Shift is an automated manual transmission featuring an Intelligent Shift Control Actuator that automatically operates the shift and clutch.


Light & rigid HEARTECT platform

The HEARTECT platform enhances your driving experience. Light and highly rigid, it lowers fuel consumption and vastly improves the fundamental vehicle performance in terms of running, turning and stopping. Its frame is characterised by smooth and continuous curves, which efficiently disperses impact energy in case of collision.




Safety that you desire

Safety is a need that tops everyone's list. The Dzire, which comes equipped with advanced safety features, fulfills this need. And because you and your co-passengers are in safe hands, the driving experience is nothing but pure bliss.

Electric Stability Program (ESP®)

If ESP® detects wheel slip, for instance, when the driver turns the steering wheel sharply and/or the road is slippery, it automatically affects control over the engine torque and brakes to suppress the wheel slip and help the driver stay in directional control.


Light and impact absorbing body (TECT)

The Dzire uses Suzuki's TECT, or Total Effective Control Technology, to effectively absorb impact on the body and disperse the collision energy across the frame thereby mitigating damage to the car and its occupants.


Pedestrian injury mitigating body

The structure of the bonnet, front windscreen wiper area, front bumper and other parts absorb impacts, with the aim of mitigating head and leg injuries in the event of a collision with a pedestrian.



The Dzire comes with dual front airbags for the safety of the driver and the front passenger in case of a frontal collision.


Hill hold control

The hill hold control prevents vehicle from rolling backwards during standing starts on slopes, by engaging the brakes for up to two seconds after the driver removes pressure on the brake pedal to depress the accelerator.


Reverse parking sensors

Ultrasonic sensors in the rear bumper detect obstacles while the driver is reversing the car. Warning sounds help keep the driver informed of the distance to the obstacle.