The legendary Vitara is waiting for its next adventure.
Are you ready? With its rugged SUV design and 4x4 capabilities, you have the freedom to go wherever you want in style.
The open road awaits, adventure is just around the corner and the Vitara is ready when you are.
Question is, where to next?

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Get ready for an appearance beaming with strength and energy. Characterised by the Vitara’s bold styling, stealing the spotlight wherever you go. Defined by the Vitara’s authentic design always on the lookout for on- and off-road discoveries. Charge your drive with a vigorous outer impression – and elevate your senses with the inner refinement of a full-grown SUV.


LED headlamps


LED daytime running lamps and fog lamps


Suzuki's traditional SUV motifs

The essence of Suzuki’s design, such as the bold 5-element grille, strong front bumper finished off with stylish chrome accents bring a sleek, modern look to the Vitara.



Getting into the Vitara is like entering a refined world full of high-quality materials. Offering a space where you find every button, switch and dial in its natural place.
Enjoy an interior that you are never quite ready to leave.


Soft pad instrument panel


4.2” multi-information colour LCD display


Geometric pattern seats


Smartphone Linckage Display Audio

Everyday functionality


Generous luggage space


Panoramic sunroof


Automatic air conditioning


Front centre armrest



A companion up for all endeavours: Befriend a multi-purpose performer embracing the most challenging surfaces and weather conditions. Powered by efficient strong hybrid system and 48V SHVS mild hybrid system.
Equipped with ALLGRIP SELECT. Fuelled by the authentic Suzuki SUV-genes: effortless joy behind the wheel enhanced by maximum grip at all times.


Strong hybrid system

The compact and lightweight strong hybrid system offers both fuel-efficient hybrid and EV driving. It consists of the 1.5 DUALJET engine, a Motor Generator Unit (MGU), AGS (Auto Gear Shift) and a power pack (140V lithium-ion battery and inverter). The highly efficient, high-output MGU enables EV driving by powering the vehicle alone and assists the engine to accelerate the vehicle. It also enables EV driving in reverse and fills in the torque gap while the clutch is disengaged for smoother shifting. When driving at a constant speed, the MGU utilises engine power to efficiently generate electricity that expands the EV driving range and frequency for high fuel efficiency and quiet driving. During deceleration, it retrieves large amounts of kinetic energy to recharge the battery and help maintain sufficient battery power.


1.5 DUALJET engine

1.5 DUALJET engine

The 1.5-litre engine delivers high fuel efficiency, low emissions, strong output and torquey performance. Excellent fuel efficiency is achieved through various features. Dual fuel injectors are placed close to the intake valves and the compression ratio is raised for efficient fuel combustion. Combustion temperatures are lowered and pumping loss is reduced by the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. Roller rocker arms are adopted to suppress friction loss. In addition, intake and exhaust valve timing is optimised in the variable valve timing (VVT) system.


48V SHVS mild hybrid system

The 48V SHVS mild hybrid system consists of the 1.4 BOOSTERJET engine, a 48V ISG (Integrated Starter Generator) with electric motor function, 48V Lithium-ion battery and 48-12V DC/DC converter. With a greater supply voltage than conventional 12V, it increases both regenerated energy from deceleration and the amount of electric motor assist to suppress fuel consumption and enhance driving performance.

1.4 BOOSTERJET engine


The 1.4 BOOSTERJET direct-injection turbo engine enhances the torqueful driving of the Vitara. The intercooled turbocharger forces pressurised air into the cylinders and enables the engine to maximise torque in the low engine rev range, even at 2,000rpm. The direct injection system further enhances fuel efficiency by optimising control of the amount, timing and pressure of injected fuel in direct fuel injection. In addition, fuel efficiency is also raised by electric intake variable valve timing (VVT), cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and higher compression ratio.




Four easily selectable modes let you choose the 4WD setting that best matches the driving conditions. Just choose and drive with the confidence that ALLGRIP SELECT is on the job.


Auto mode

Prioritises fuel economy in typical driving conditions, only switching to 4WD when slippage is detected.


Sport mode

Increases cornering performance by allocating additional torque to the rear wheels. Sport mode also optimises accelerator-torque characteristics to increase engine response.


Snow mode

Provides excellent stability and enhanced traction, especially during acceleration, on snow, unpaved or other slippery surfaces.


Lock mode

This mode delivers maximum torque to the rear wheels to get you out of sticky situations such as deep snow, mud or sand. Automatically switches to Snow mode at 60 km/h.

ALLGRIP for All People



The Vitara is about more than just great looks. It’s got plenty of brains, too. Packed with state-of-the-art technologies, driver and passengers can be sure to be assisted, protected and entertained at all times.

Suzuki Safety Support*

Dual Sensor Brake Support (DSBS)


When in forward motion, the monocular camera and the laser sensor determine if there is a risk of collision with a vehicle or pedestrian. Upon detecting a potential collision, DSBS delivers a warning or implements automatic braking, depending on the situation.

Lane departure warning


When driving at 60 km/h or faster, the monocular camera detects the left and right white lane markers and alerts the driver with a warning sound and an indicator light when it determines that the vehicle has strayed out of its lane.

Lane departure prevention


When driving at 65 km/h or faster, the monocular camera is used to recognise the driving lane. After deducing that lane departure is likely to occur, the system automatically assists the driver in returning the vehicle to its lane by controlling the steering via the electric power steering system.

Weaving alert


At 60 km/h or faster, the weaving alert function calculates the driving pattern and issues audio and visual warnings if the vehicle is straying due to driver drowsiness, or other reasons.

Traffic sign recognition


This system utilises the monocular camera to detect traffic signs, including speed limits, no passing zones, end of traffic regulation and auxiliary signs, and shows them on the multi-information display to remind the driver. Up to three traffic signs can be displayed at once.

Adaptive cruise control with stop & go


Adaptive cruise control on the strong hybrid model features a stop & go function. It accelerates and brakes for the driver to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front. Stop & go can even bring the car to a full stop when needed and then start following the car in front if it starts moving again within 2 seconds, such as in a traffic jam.
Adaptive cruise control without stop & go is available on the SHVS mild hybrid model.

Blind spot monitor


When the indicator is turned on and there is a vehicle detected in a blind spot, the indicator will flash rapidly along with a warning sound to make lane changing safer. Blind spot monitor detects vehicles in or approaching the rear blind spots on either side of the vehicle.

Rear cross traffic alert


When backing out of a parking space, for example, this function helps you avoid collisions. If the sensors detect a vehicle approaching the rear blind spots, a warning sound, a flashing side-mirror indicator and a notification in the multi-information display alert you to the situation.

*There is a limit to the ability of cameras and sensors to detect obstacles, lanes and traffic signs. Please do not rely on these systems alone. Always drive safely. Vehicle-to-vehicle distance varies depending on vehicle speed.