When you first see the Swift you’ll love the sleek, distinctive design — and when you step inside and start the engine you’ll really love the feeling. The Swift is for people with a passion for driving,
an eye for detail and who aren’t afraid to make their mark on the city.

Vehicles and contents shown on this site are of Europe specifications.
The appearance, colours, and equipment of the vehicles may differ according to market and grade.



From the bold chrome accented grille to the crafted polished alloys, this is a car that demands attention. Muscular body lines give the Swift a powerful presence, and details like the floating roof with pillar mounted rear door handles make this car really stand out.






When you sit behind the wheel you’ll see the clean, elegant lines and attention to detail that give a more comfortable and efficient driving experience. The cylindrical gauges, cockpit-like centre console and sporty D-shaped steering wheel give a feeling of confidence before you even start the engine.

Easy-to-see and stylish meter cluster

The gleaming satin chrome accenting the black-toned interior also adorns the two main, minutely scaled meters that are laid out in stylish fashion and feature red and white highlights. Underscoring the easy-to-see, sporty design are water temperature and fuel gauges within the meters that give them the air of chronograph watches.


Multi-information colour LCD

An advanced multi-information 4.2-inch colour TFT LCD occupies the centre of the meter cluster to inform the driver with accurate and intuitively understandable data on vehicle behaviour and operation. Graphically presented are G-forces, engine output and torque, and accelerator and brake use, among others.

Smartphone Linkage Display Audio (SLDA)

The audio system features a touch-panel display as intuitive as a smartphone. Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth®*1 or USB cable to use your apps through the display, which is also equipped with a radio, rear-view camera and navigation*2 functions.


  • *1 Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
  • *2 For details of equipment availability, please refer to the major equipment list.



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*Android Auto is available in the countries listed at the following link:
*Requires the Android Auto app on Google Play and an Android compatible smartphone running AndroidTM 6.0 or higher:
*Android and Android Auto are trademarks of Google LLC.



MirrorLink lets various applications on your smartphone appear on the vehicle’s touchscreen display, allowing you to access your smartphone’s features.

*MirrorLinkTM is compatible with the smartphones listed at the following link:
*MirrorLinkTM is a registered trademark of the Car Connectivity Consortium LLC.

Cabin and luggage space that expands the way you have fun

The new Swift’s plentiful luggage space allows you to take more, and the split, fold-down rear seatbacks (standard on GLX and GL) help you fit what you need. Ample head clearance is provided by low seating positions, and numerous easy-to-use storage spaces are a short reach away.


Glove box


Front cup holder x 2


USB port and accessory socket


Console box tray


Passenger-seatback pocket (GL and GLX)


Front-door pocket


Rear cup holder


Rear-door bottle holder



Agile, responsive and exciting to drive. It’s everything you want as you face a sweeping bend or wide open road. The DUALJET + SHVS mild hybrid engine is nippy and fuel efficient — and the direct-response steering gives you a feeling of control and precision that makes driving a more heightened experience.

New ultra fuel-efficient 1.2 DUALJET engine

The new 1.2 DUALJET engine features dual injectors at each cylinder for high thermal efficiency. Various advances contribute to high fuel efficiency, including a 13.0 compression ratio; electronic intake VVT (Variable Valve Timing) that can operate at a large range of crankshaft angles and immediately from low rpm; a variable capacity oil pump that can maintain low hydraulic pressure at low engine temperatures; and electronically controlled piston cooling jets that suppress cooling loss and knocking.



SHVS Mild Hybrid System

For even greater fuel efficiency, SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki) assists the engine using a light, compact ISG (integrated starter generator) that has an electric motor function and a 10Ah lithium-ion battery with outstanding charge and power supply performance. This is an optimal hybrid system for compact cars, with excellent overall balance that makes possible both fuel and space efficiency.




ALLGRIP AUTO is the optimal 4WD system, giving the driver peace of mind in everyday driving, as well as when driving on slippery roads or snowy surfaces. With its viscous coupling, torque is automatically distributed to the rear wheels when the system detects the front wheels losing grip.



Light and rigid HEARTECT platform

The smoothly curving frame increases underbody stiffness that delivers excellent fundamental vehicle performance while also contributing to collision safety by efficiently dispersing energy.




Modern life demands a modern car, that’s why the Swift has Suzuki Safety Support. With a host of smart features to assist you and make driving easier and safer, this is a car that fills you with confidence and makes every journey more enjoyable.

Dual Sensor Brake Support (DSBS)*1

When moving, the Swift uses two sensors — a monocular camera and a laser sensor — to determine if there is a risk of collision with a forward vehicle or pedestrian.
Upon detecting a potential collision, the car acts in any of the following four ways, depending on the situation.

1. Alerts the driver with an audio warning and visual warning.


2. Deploys brake assist to increase braking force if the risk of collision is high and the driver panic brakes.


3. Applies strong automatic braking if the risk of collision increases even more.


Lane departure prevention*1

This feature uses a monocular camera to detect the boundaries of the lane while the vehicle is travelling between 60 and 160km/h. If it determines that unintentional lane departure is likely, it automatically assists the driver via electric power steering system to keep the vehicle in its lane.

Lane departure warning*1

At 60km/h or faster, the lane departure warning function is designed to predict the path of the vehicle and issue visual (display and indicator) and tactile (vibrating steering wheel) warnings to the driver.


High beam assist*1

At 40km/h or faster, high beam assist is designed to automatically switch the headlights between "High" and "Low", depending on the presence of other vehicles and the lighting environment.


Blind spot monitor (BSM)*1

At 15km/h or faster, two rear mounted side radar sensors detect vehicles located in or approaching the rear blind spot to assist the driver. A warning LED icon illuminated in the relevant door mirrors alerts the driver, accompanied by a warning sound if the driver activates the turn signals to change lanes.


Weaving alert*1

At 60km/h or faster, the weaving alert is designed to calculate the driving pattern and issue audio and visual warnings if the vehicle is "wandering" due to driver drowsiness, etc. (standard on vehicles with a monocular camera and laser sensor).


Adaptive cruise controlt*2

When there is a vehicle in front, the adaptive cruise control system uses millimetre-wave radar designed to gauge the distance to it and automatically maintains vehicle-to-vehicle distance in line with the setting selected out of three possible settings*2. When there is no vehicle in front, the system maintains the speed (from 40km/h to 160km/h) set by the driver.


Traffic sign recognition*1

This system uses the monocular camera to monitor the road for traffic signs. When it detects road signs such as speed limits or no passing zones, it displays the sign on the meter display to help remind the driver which road signs the car has passed. When multiple signs are detected, a maximum of three signs can be displayed at once.


Rear cross traffic alert*1

At speeds of up to 8 km/h whilst in reverse, the vehicle uses two rear mounted side radar sensors to assist the driver by alerting them of approaching vehicles on either side of the vehicle when reversing out of car parking spaces. If a vehicle is detected, the driver is given both a visual alert on the multi information display and a warning sound alert. This assists the driver to manoeuvre more safely out of parking spaces where vision is obscured on either or both sides of the vehicle.


Rear parking sensor

Ultrasonic sensors in the bumper detect obstacles while the driver is reversing the car and warning sounds inform the driver of the distance to the obstacles.


  • *1 The driving assist function is limited to the ability of the monocular camera, laser sensor and millimetre-wave radar sensors to detect obstacles, lanes and traffic signs. It may not operate depending on the road surface or weather conditions. Please do not rely on this system alone to ensure safety and take responsibility for driving safely. For more details, ask your local dealer or refer to our official website.
  • *2 The vehicle-to-vehicle distance varies depending on vehicle speed.