KATANA Fans Celebrate Getting Together Again

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On Sunday, 11 September, 2022, Suzuki KATANA owners and fans came together in person at Hamamatsu Fruits Park Tokinosumika in Shizuoka for KATANA Meeting 2022. Over 1,100 motorcycles with more than 1,400 on board rode in and were pleased to know that the nearby railway station, “Fruit Park Station” of the Tenryu Hamanako Railway, had been given an official nickname, “KATANA Station.” Riders could also enjoy taking pictures at Tenryu Futamata Station where the train decorated with KATANA markings was on special display for the event. The train operates on the railway and has been running since 2019. Overall, the festival was an excellent venue to introduce KATANA’s charms.

Gathering at Hamamatsu Fruits Park

The Train Decorated with KATANA Markings

The eyes of visitors first were caught by the “KATANA Big Flag” made up of 877 photos submitted by KATANA owners to bring them together symbolically for KATANA Meeting 2021 as an online event. Now they came together face to face to look for and discover the pictures of themselves and their friends. Then, visitors stopped at a display of KATANA models and shops where original goods with the event logo were on sale. Other booths with motorcycle related products and services attracted many customers while many enjoyed walking around the parking area to see the “Red KATANA” section where special limited edition KATANAs in red body colour were parked in a group.


Red KATANA (Limited Colour for Japan)

Festivities officially kicked off as Toshihiro Suzuki Representative Director and President of Suzuki Motor Corporation arrived on a latest model KATANA to the warm applause of the crowd. As a main event in the day’s entertainment program, Suzuki engineers held an interactive talk show where they shared their extraordinary passion and commitment to their craft. Visitors listened intently to the story of how they developed KATANA, paying due tribute to Suzuki’s legendary KATANA while forging both the looks and level of performance to make it a leading standard for today’s street scene.

The KATANA Meeting 2022 was a big success, attracting visitors who rode from the farthest corners of Japan. It was great to be back together and to see so many KATANA friends again.




*1. Toshihiro Suzuki Representative Director and President of Suzuki Motor Corporation
*2. The Talk Show with Suzuki Engineers
*3. KATANA Owners and Fans

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