Suzuki 4-Stroke Outboard Motors Being a Support for People in the World

Suzuki 4-stroke outboard motor has some more attracting features comparing with 2-stroke. So, we will introduce the merits of 4-stroke this time. They are its fuel efficiency, lower emissions for environment friendly, and its durability. From the Philippines and Pakistan, we got some customers’ positive reactions of Suzuki 4-stroke as follows.

Suzuki Philippines has been conducting demonstration activities of Suzuki 4-stroke outboard motor DF6A for local fishermen in Balesin island since January, and in Manila since February 2021. The purpose of these activities is to let people know the benefits of 4-stroke outboard motors with experiences. In the Philippines, most fishermen use narrow, wooden boats about 15 feet long, powered by small general-purpose engines. Suzuki Philippines in cooperation with local boat builders built 5 sets of FRP boat with Suzuki 4-stroke outboard motor DF6A (6PS) and arranged to lend them to fishermen's cooperatives. About 80 fishermen have tried it so far and they said, "The control of the outboard motor is good, and we can go fishing farther than before, and the catch also increased."

In Pakistan, Pak Suzuki Motor Company, Ltd. approached to 2-stroke users so as to switch to 4-stroke outboard motors in their market where 2-stroke are mainly used. In Gwadar, south-west coastal area in Pakistan, the users who changed their outboards to 4-stroke have been impressed and commented, "The fuel efficiency is very good; Lean Burn Technology is great". They also said, "The power of the outboard motor is not only to increase the catch but also to enable the hull to run stably at full speed even with a large amount of fish."

As the introduction above, Suzuki 4-stroke outboard motors are valued well in the Philippines and Pakistan. Suzuki will continuously make efforts to let more people know the merits of 4-stroke outboard motors in other regions. Furthermore, we will also challenge to produce better outboard motors for all the people so that Suzuki can be the choice for those who care the fuel efficiency and the environment.

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