Suzuki’s Action in 2021

SUZUKI CLEAN OCEAN PROJECT that we set forth last year has 3 pillars. The two pillars of them are in the spotlight this time. One is Clean-Up the World Campaign and the other one is Micro-Plastic Collecting Device. Please find what we have been trying this year.

1. Clean-Up the World Campaign

We conducted the campaign on May 22nd and 29th in Hamamatsu, Japan. In a challenging situation to have events, we carried out activities with measures to reduce the risk of the Coronavirus infection. 73 people participated in 2 days and we gathered more than 1,400L of garbage.

Globally, 8 distributors in the US, Palau, France, Italy, the Netherlands, the UAE, El Salvador and Colombia had the campaigns so far. As of now, 463 people participated.






El Salvador


[US] 11 staff members of the distributor in Panama City conducted the campaign in March. They took much garbage as 12 large bags and full of a truck.
[France] The distributor conducted the campaign with the partnership boat builder, “Beneteau” and collected 240L of garbage. According to their report, most of the garbage were plastics divided into tiny pieces.
[Italy] 45 participants cleaned up industrial area around the office and collected 2.7 tons of garbage on April 22nd, World Earth Day.
[UAE] Staff members of the distributor and local diving team worked together and took 83kg of garbage and fishing equipment from the sea.
[El Salvador] 70 people of the distributor and “Pescadores Deportivos De El Salvador”, the sport fishing club, gathered about 226kg garbage in June.
Most of the distributors above are planning to have a second campaign this year.
[Colombia] 300 of the university students and local citizens participated the campaign. They collected 2 tons of garbage in Santa Marta. One of the students commented that the campaign is “possible to reduce the negative impact of garbage on the beaches and their surroundings, and thereby avoid the proliferation of harmful fauna, the accumulation of different types of garbage and waste".

Besides the clean-up activity by Suzuki distributor, we also plan a new challenge/campaign that “Everyone” can join to take a positive action for the earth with Suzuki. Please find the detail information(schedule/registration) of the actions in your country from the web site of domestic distributor. We hope you do not miss the opportunity to join it!
Find your domestic distributor from:

2. Monitoring Test of the Micro-Plastic Collecting Device

Suzuki is also conducting the monitoring test of micro-plastic collecting devices (MPC) at variety of places in the world. We will introduce a current situation in the Netherlands.
Sean Wit, a pro angler in the Netherlands, took an MPC into his outboard motor DF115A and started using it on May 27th,2021. He has been operating with the MPC for 1,000 hours so far. The monitoring research is conducted at lakes in the Netherlands and Sweden which are good places for fishing. Although his engine sometimes works under rough environment, any problems have never occurred. G.J.Hanse, the mechanic who installed the MPC to DF140A, commented that it was easy to install and filter change was also simple.
Mr. Wit will continue to test the MPC until September,2021.

If you want to know more about SUZUKI CLEAN OCEAN PROJECT, please check our global website;

We, Suzuki Marine team keep trying to be the help with customers in order to conserve marine environment for all the people who live close to the waterside and those who relate to marine industry.
We await your support to accelerate SUZUKI CLEAN OCEAN PROJECT.