Suzuki Marine Powers “Big Pull” Team to Waterskiing World Record.

from U.S.A.

Towboat Powered by Triple Suzuki DF350 Outboards Helps Set New Guinness World
Record for Most Trio Waterskiers at One Time

Pulling waterskiers requires a boat with plenty of lowend torque, smooth, yet powerful acceleration and great top-end performance. Pulling 16 sets of trio waterskiers (48 total individuals) simultaneously — with a potential Guinness World Record on the line— well, that requires power on a whole new level.

This is precisely what happened earlier this fall, during the 2022 Big Pull water-skiing event in Mosinee, Wisconsin, USA, when 48 skiers formed 16 trios behind a unique towboat designed for just such a record-setting attempt. By completing two successful lifts during the event, Big Pull established a new Guinness World Record for the most trio waterskiers successfully towed behind a single boat.

Speaking of trios, the innovative tow boat they used was powered by three Suzuki DF350A outboards, Suzuki Marine’s flagship model. With its powerful, large displacement V6 block, sophisticated digital sequential electronic fuel injection and innovative dual contra-rotating propellers, this 350HP outboard is an ideal match for these unique towing demands. The DF350’s twin-propeller is designed to provide superior “grip” on the water, more effectively converting the engine’s power to forward movement. This Suzuki outboard is especially strong in delivering low-end torque and superior “hole shot” power from a standing start, both extremely important for pulling skiers.

Big Pull is a group of volunteers that has been setting national and world waterski records since 1999, bringing together talented members of top waterski teams from across the country. This effort has led to the completion of 14 NSSA (National Show Ski Association) National Records and 11 Guinness World Records over the years.

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