The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Reveals New character Designs and Animation

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Reveals new characters designs and animation for the Movie.

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Animation

With the release of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero teaser the anime community especially dragon balls fans are very much excited for its official release.

The movie is scheduled to release in 2022, dates are not yet mentioned though, and may depend on different regions and situations. We have seen many new changes in the teaser and with the introduction of new as well old characters, the excitement reaches to heavens.

Just as the teaser starts we can see a change of animation style, it may be because the franchise is looking for targeting a set new audience. However many didn’t like the new animation style. But we can’t really say how its goona turned out as the glimpse of the fighting scene yet looks promising. Only after the release full-cut trailer, we can expect a better understanding of the style.

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Reveals Character Designs

The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Reveals new character designs of the current kami of earth, Dende, our beloved character, Bulma, and of our goofy Karin were released, all personal designs by the creator of the series himself Akira Toriyama.

The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Reveals and introduced us to many old characters as well, giving a nostalgic vibe to its viewer. There are chances of return of red ribbon army as well, and we might expect some of the great classes between Z fighters and the red ribbon army.

The introduction of new villains like Gmmma 1 and Gamma 2 gives vibes as that once given by Androids. In the previous comic con, there was a huge debate whether gamma will be a single person with the power of splitting into two, but now it’s cleared that they both gonna be two different individuals.

Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 designs seem promising as well just as we can expect from dragon ball. It kind of gives vibes that of an army man. In one frame of the trailer, an attack on piccolo was shown as well which is expected to be from gamma 2.

Many believed the movie to be the sequel to the cell saga which we had all been so long waiting for. It is shown that the red ribbon army is keeping tabs on our z fighters like Goku, Vegeta,  Majin Buu, and all. And the information is giving to the gammas to aid in their fight. 

But above all the major excitement is about the coming of Broly. In a frame of the teaser, which was supposedly very small, Broly’s punch can be seen while Goku was dogging it. This has made all the fans way much excited for the film after the success of dragon ball Broly.

It is expected that the movie is set one year ahead of dragon ball Broly and the chances of having a more intense fight increase exponentially. Another surprise we get from the trailer was that of seeing pan training, the air started turning wild from her aura. So we may expect more screen time from Pan as well.

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