Solo Leveling Game Announced for PC & Mobile by Netmarble

Solo leveling game announced by Netmarble for PC & mobile. Read all the details about the solo leveling game, including the release date, trailer, and other details.

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Netmarble announced their new game lineup at a Korean news conference. This new solo leveling RPGĀ  game will be based on a solo leveling webtoon that is one of the most famous webtoons right now, and the series ended a few days ago.

Who knew a solo leveling game would be announced less than a month after a series officially ended? If you also want to know more about the solo leveling game release date, trailer, and other details.

Solo Leveling Game

solo leveling game announced
Solo Leveling Game Announced for PC & Mobile by Netmarble

Solo Leveling one of the famous manhwa and its anime adaption are highly in demand by fans, and everyone wants to watch them. A few days ago, we had news that solo leveling also got an anime adaptation. we did not receive any news related to solo leveling anime adaption but now we received big news that solo leveling will also get a PC and Mobile game that is jointly developed by DNC Media and Netmarble.

The game is just announced so it’s still in early development, and at this stage, we can not say what is confirmed in the game or what is not because any of the details could change over time or look different in the actual release.

The Solo leveling game is going to be a single-player RPG based on the infamous manhwa of the same name, Solo Leveling! Players’ power is set to be the same as in manhwa, you can increase your combat power by increasing your shadow army or gathering powerful hunters to join their guild. Netmarble also promises stylish battle sequences and amazing action!

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Solo Leveling Game Release Date

After releasing the latest trailer of the solo leveling game the fans of solo leveling are all hyped up and want to know the release date of solo leveling but as we said above, this game is still in early development and anything can change at this stage and we can not say anything for sure. However, based on the trailer and its featured gameplay we can expect that the game will release in 2023. You can check the Solo leveling game trailer from Below!

Solo Leveling Synopsis

In a world where hunters, humans who possess magical abilities, must battle deadly monsters to protect the human race from annihilation, Solo leveling tells a story about a weak hunter, Sung-jin woos who enters a mysterious double dungeon with a team of hunters and his complete team get wiped out in that double dungeon who also called System, that system chose him as its solo player and give him rare ability to level up his strength.

After a day he woke up in the hospital bed, he found that he can power up after slaying through some monsters and getting new powers and things. From that day jinwoo’s journey began from weakest hunter to strongest hunter in the world as he fights against all kinds of enemies, both monster and humans, to discover the secrets of the dungeons and the true source of his powers.


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