Perfect Explanation: Yakedo Shoujo Ending Explained

Kantetsu is the author and illustrator of the psychological horror/romance manga titled Yakedo Shoujo. Kaname Aizawa and Shiina Hinami, a high school boy and girl, are the main characters in the narrative. Shiina is a talkative, intelligent girl, whereas Kaname is quite literally the complete opposite—quiet, reserved, and frequently called “boring” by his classmates.

Kaname notices that Shiina has an eye patch on. We can observe that Shiina is Kanames’ sole classmate whose name he can recall with ease in the beginning. They run into each other one day, and she drops her books like it’s a cliché. If the upcoming portion hadn’t occurred, I would have quit reading here.

Details about Yakedo Shoujo

Rank: 27345th, it has 43 monthly / 15.7K total views.

Authors: Kantetsu

Artists: Satomi yuu

Genres: Seinen(M) , Drama , Horror , Romance , School Life , Shoujo ai

Original language: Japanese

Translated language: English

Read direction: Right to Left

Original work: Completed

Year of Release: 2017

Year of Complete: 2019

Yakedo Shoujo Ending Explained

Everyone in her class adores Shiina Hinami, a high school student with a sunny disposition who covers her left eye with an eye patch. One day, Kaname Aizawa, a classmate, discovers her “Mind Note” hidden notepad. Kaname reads the notepad and learns a terrible truth about Shiina.

The conclusion of a manga series that we have all grown to love has arrived, and while it is the icing on the cake, having finished it all leaves us feeling satisfied yet sad that there might not be another one in the future. Yakedo Shoujo’s ending will be described as to why.


Kaede said, “Shiina arrived here.” The child with a violent father is Kaede. It was only the eyepatch that made them look like Shiina. She appears to have survived her fall. Nobody has any idea who this blonde man truly was. The protagonist’s eyes were burned by the actor after he killed someone and attacked another person sexually. Why did the mother cause her to act in this manner?

Why did she mention one aspect of the park that she liked while continuing to be in a psychotic state? So the father had a large family, left, started a second one, left the second one, and then came back to the first family?

The blonde man was actually a senior (older than most of us) resident of the same region who was responsible for a person’s death as a result of an unknown incidence.

His enthusiasm for death made killing a natural and frequent act for him. Given that his love of death appears to be an attempt to govern the world, he may have sexually raped the sole lady to experience what it was like to be sexually active and to be able to dominate the other person.

The father really started a new family after leaving the first one, just to go back to it since he is a truly repugnant scumbag. Yakedo Shoujo’s Finale is Explanated.

As I said previously, the mother was probably already psychotic. Her mental health was destroyed by losing her genuine love, and she developed a loathing for her son.

Because she was incapable of accepting accountability or truth, that was certain to make her the villain in her own mind. She was a psychopath since she wouldn’t change or ask for assistance.

Editor’s Final Thoughts:

The main character (MC) is a typical self-destructive high school student. He was stumbling along his path when he spotted a young woman with an eyepatch. He accidently grabbed her scratch pad and looked through a “self-destruction note pad.”

The characters simply figuring out how to put an end to it all is the plot. What would make reading this manga a good choice for you, then? because it’s enjoyable. Although I’m not sure of this manga’s final goal, I can tell you that it’s really stupid and pointless. Don’t plan too much ahead, please.

There is no horrible fanservice, nice art, and a mediocre storyline. But the tones are simply excessive. the way it approaches blatant domestic violence, sexual assault, and other simply… horrible issues with such levity. I’m not sure if it’s meant to be a joke, something edgy, or something else, but I don’t like it.

We hope you understood this article on Perfect Explanation: Yakedo Shoujo Ending Explained. Stay tuned for more such anime content.


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