Yona of the Dawn Season 2 Release Date & Updates [Updated 2021]

If you are waiting for the Yona of the Dawn season 2 release date then we have some updates related to Yona of the Dawn season 2.

After being one of the most loved romance fantasy anime many fans were eagerly waiting to see what’s gonna happen next. The wait for season 2 is breaking bonds in the fan’s heart.

Its been more than seven years since the first episode was telecasted, there is yet no official news for the second season. And this disheartened many anime fans who loved the first season very much.

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When We Will Get Yona of the Dawn Season 2?

yona of the dawn season 2

Yona of the dawn is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Mizuho Kusanagi. Also known as Akatsuki no Yona, this series falls under the category of romance, adventure, comedy, and obviously action. 

The manga was started in 2009 and was published in Hakushenja shojo manga, Hana to Yume in august 2009. The manga has always been loved maybe cause of coming from a well-known author as well as for maintaining an interesting storyline and curiosity throughout the journey. The artwork has always been pleasing to the eyes and is very neat and clean.

With about 34 volumes of the manga released so far the story is still going pretty smooth. The fans would be very happy to hear that the manga still contains enough material for three more seasons. And on top of that, the story is yet not on its final arc, so more volumes can be expected in near future.

The first season of manga which had 24 episodes, covered the first 8 volumes of manga and was managed to please many anime fans. The anime was always been a center of attention as it was animated was studio pierrot which had already given us masterpieces like bleach and naruto. It aired from 7 October 2014 to 24 March 2015, and despite not being under the most loved genre of that time, it managed to satisfy many fans and critics. The show got a rating of 8.1 out of 10 in IMBD and 8.0 on myanimelist. This itself shows how good the story was.

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Yona of the Dawn: Season 1 summary

The anime is centered around the journey of a 16 years old princess who wants to seek revenge for her kingdom and its people. 

Yona was an esteemed princess of the Kouka kingdom and was loved by everyone, but her life took an unexpected turn when her father was murdered by her own beloved cousin soo-woo for the sake of claiming the throne. Yona had to run from the kingdom with her bodyguard and childhood friend soo-hak saving her life and in the hope to take revenge. 

For making her aim true both decided to walk on a long journey and to seek the help of the four legendary dragons. Towards the end of the first season, Yona managed to seek help from Zeno, the yellow dragon. But to their surprise the yellow dragon didn’t receive any awakening in presence of the red-haired princess, so no ability was shown in the first season.

However, they still decided to go back to the kingdom. And when they reached their home, fire tribe they were heart-stricken to see the people in poverty and levied with heavy tax, and decided to take some action. And this marks the end of season 2.

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Will Yona of Dawn ever get season 2?

Despite being such a popular series, it’s often being questioned as to why the series hasn’t received season 2 yet.

This may be because the sales of anime Blu-ray/DVD were not as anticipated by the producers and were relatively low as stated by mangaka herself in an interaction with a fan on Twitter. Even then the show was profitable for the producers and does deserve to get another shot on screens.

The mangaka also hinted that the continuation of an anime depends much more on fans, and we have seen in recent years how fans managed to get new seasons of old anime just by showing more support, filing petitions, and all. Till now there is no slightest hint whether studio pierrot or any other one is interested in making the season. And if in the next 1 or 2 years, no news came, the chances would be even lower than expected.

However, pierrot had released three OVA cause of fans’ demand, so it’s not wrong to say fans’ voices have enough power to save the show from cancellation. The main revenue came from sales of manga volumes and merchandise so it’s necessary for the sales to grow, which had increased slightly in recent years.

If anyone wants to continue with the storyline they should start the manga, they can start with volume 9 after anime and they sure will not regret reading.

Final Words

If you are also waiting for the yana of season 2 and do not have any news then here are some updates related to Yona of the season 2 release date.

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