• Compilation 1

    Suzuki always focuses on the customer as we strive to develop products of superior value. The quality, originality, and performance of each product is backed by a process that involves countless sketches and a wide variety of tests and verifications.

  • Compilation 2 - SUZUKI QUALITY

    Suzuki delivers products with superior value. Our aim is to develop high quality products that exceed customer expectations. Uncompromising passion for quality can be found in every Suzuki product.

  • Track Testing

    Ryuyo Proving Ground's 6.5km circuit and 2.3km back straight is where the core riding performance of every Suzuki motorcycle — how they RUN, TURN and STOP — is perfected.

  • Design – Sketches

    Suzuki styling designers create countless sketches of everything down to the smallest parts as they work to design motorcycles and ATVs that exceed customer expectations.

  • Aerodynamic Testing

    CdA and lift values are measured in wind tunnel tests. Suzuki's MotoGP racing machines, the Hayabusa, and other models are tested in the same facility.

  • Design – Modelling

    Modeling is the process by which Suzuki clay modelers transform a design sketch into a three-dimensional object. Repeated rounds of shaving, filling and measuring go into achieving the optimal shape.

  • Obstacle Testing

    Ryuyo Proving Ground reproduce challenging road conditions and environments found around the world. These are used to test dynamic performance and help ensure reliability and comfort.

  • Design – Color & Graphics

    Skilled color designers coordinate everything from color combinations, emblem and decal designs to the materials used as they work to make each motorcycle and ATV unique and highly appealing.

  • Engine Testing

    Engines are comprised of hundreds of parts. Suzuki closely examines and verifies the performance of each one to improve durability, power and environmental performance.

  • Design x Performance

    Suzuki's styling designers and engineers work together as a unified team from the early stages of development to find the right balance of design and performance.

  • Durability Testing

    Suzuki conducts rigorous high-load tests to develop durable engines and chassis so customers can enjoy riding their motorcycles and ATVs for many years and thousands of kilometers.

  • Conformance Testing

    Various conformity tests are carried out in severe environmental conditions, including cold temperatures. These tests help make Suzuki motorcycles and ATVs capable of withstanding harsh and challenging conditions for customers around the world.

  • Chassis Durability Testing

    Chassis durability testing involves severe high-load tests, which include drop and vibration tests. These enable us to properly evaluate the function, strength, and durability of chassis-related components.

  • Electronic Control Systems Testing

    Suzuki makes full use of the most advanced measurement technologies in developing the electronic control systems for our motorcycles. Likewise, our test riders apply their experience and human senses to help realize a smooth and natural feeling to operation.

  • Gravel Road Testing

    In order to improve drivability on unpaved roads, Suzuki test riders and engineers make repeated trial runs on gravel roads and uneven surfaces.

  • Intake and Exhaust Sound Testing

    Suzuki's original exhaust note program is used for fine-tuning the intake/exhaust sound mix. This program makes quantitative assessment possible.

  • Lighting Test

    Suzuki designers and engineers work closely together from the early stages of development to achieve the right balance between fine styling and lighting functions.